Custom Textures

Custom Textures services in Evanston, IL

When it comes to custom textures in Evanston, Illinois, no one does it better than Drywall Evanston. We offer a variety of textures and styles that will work with any room design. All we need is an idea of what you want your new wall texture to look like and we will take care of the rest! We understand that creating a beautiful home is more than just drywall, that’s why we offer various other services like drywall repair, painting, and carpet. We would love for you to give us a call at +123-4567-890 for a free consultation or fill out our contact form on the website!

What Is Drywall Texture And Why Does It Matter?

Drywall is a building material that has been around for quite some time. It’s made from gypsum plaster and it comes in sheets of varying thicknesses depending on the application you have in mind. The sheeting can be textured to give a particular look, whether it needs to match other drywall surfaces or if you want something different entirely. If texture matters when considering your next Evanston project then we are here to help! Custom textures can go above and beyond what standard finishes offer so don’t hesitate to reach out today for a free quote!

What Is Drywall Repair?

When there is damage done to your walls or commercial property sometimes all they need is patching up before being retextured again. Our drywall professionals at Drywall Evanston offers drywall repair services that will help restore your walls to full functionality.

Types of Custom Texture Work

Regardless of what type of Evanston drywall project you are considering, there is a texture out there for you. We offer everything from adding texture to specialty finishes like popcorn ceilings and knockdown walls so take some time to go over the options available. The following are the common types of drywall textures:

Knockdown Texture

Sometimes also referred to as “orange peel,” this type of drywall gives walls a textured look that imitates the way plaster looks when hand-textured after application by skilled painting contractors. This can be great if you are looking for something closer to real stone rather than just paint on your interior wall but keep in mind that there will be visible brush strokes with this option! Your contractor should take special care to sand down the surface of your interior wall before applying this texture.

Popcorn Texture

While knockdown walls are textured by hand, popcorn ceilings and walls get their look from an air gun attachment that puffs out little balls on the drywall’s surface after it is hung up. This style can be great if you want a smooth wall finish with minimal brush strokes but don’t expect perfection! If you choose this option then some areas will have more or fewer popcorns than others due to inconsistencies in the application so keep that in mind when deciding which Evanston project would work best for your home!

Orange Peel Texture

When considering orange peel drywall textures one must understand what exactly this type of design techniques entails. Usually seen at homes where there is a popcorn texture and the homeowner wants to modernize their house, this type of drywall is made by using an electric gun that emits orange peels onto the surface. While it does give off a cleaner look than the traditional popcorn style, there will still be visible brush strokes so know what you want before getting started!

Standard Texture

The standard Evanston drywall finish won’t add any unique qualities to your design but sometimes simple truly is best! This option comes in very thin sheets with no additional elements added on top for decoration which can make them easy to apply without much hassle at all. If you are looking for something that looks clean then consider going with one of these options if they fit into your budget as well! We offer three standard finishes so be sure to go over the details with your contractor before deciding what Evanston project works best for you!

Drywall Repair Tools Evanston Residents Love Us For

There are a few tools needed when it comes to patching up drywall on your walls. Professionals must use these tools to get smooth and clean results, otherwise, you could end up spending more money than necessary trying to fix areas of damage later down the line due to shoddy workmanship. The following is a list of drywall repair tools we at Drywall Evanston recommend using:

Taping Knife– this tool will help create straight lines as well as make taping compounds easier for your professional

Mesh Tape– mesh tape allows you to cover up repairs more quickly than with paper tape which makes it a favorite of our Evanston drywall team

Taping Compound– this compound is applied over the mesh tape to make your new patch blend seamlessly with the rest of your wall. Be sure not to skimp on taping compound, otherwise, you could end up spending even more money down the line trying to fix blemishes!

Custom Texture Services FAQs

How Do Drywall Textures Work?

When the drywall is created, it’s covered in a thin layer of white powder that helps contractors find imperfections on the surface. This material gets sanded down after it’s hung to create an even and smooth finish which means there will be some visible brush strokes if you choose certain textures since they are hand-textured after installation by skilled workers. However, popcorns won’t have any apparent pattern or consistency due to inconsistencies with the application process itself so keep this in mind when choosing your Evanston project!

What Are The Benefits Of Drywall Textures?

・It creates color variation within each wall for more unique designs

・Can cover up damaged areas of drywall

・Can be done quickly by experts without much hassle to you!

How Much Does Drywall Texture Cost?

The cost of drywall texture varies based on the amount you need and for how long. Our experts can help estimate costs early on in your project but it’s best to check with your contractor before receiving a formal quote to make sure there are no hidden fees! If you would like free estimate prior to starting your Evanston home improvement project then feel free to give us a call or stop by our showroom today! We will work hard to get you the results that you want at prices that fit into your budget!